dogs go astray
the Stray Dogs acoustic show
It’s not always easy fitting a five-piece  band into a small room. After all,  dogs don’t like to be cornered or confined.

For this reason, the boys also perform as a scaled-down acoustic act, The Stray Dogs, designed to entertain in smaller, more intimate venues. George trades his rockin’ electric guitar for an acoustic six-string  to cover a wide range of tunes, including some not written to be performed acoustically. Delmas leads the way with his signature vocal mastery, while Jim lays down the foundation on keyboards and adds some 12-string acoustic guitar.

The scaled-down setup allows for greater intimacy between the musicians and the audience, who sit only a few feet away in some instances. Plus, the fellas sometimes can perform songs that the entire BDH ensemble might not already do.

The Stray Dogs acoustic show is largely free-form, with little or no set list and based largely on requests. At times, the audience tries to stump the band. “I remember one night when we received about 20 or 25 requests,” Jim recalls, “and I think we answered about 90 percent of them. It's always a challenge, but it's always a lot of fun, too.”

Whatever your venue, be it a large hall or small lounge, the members of Black Dog Hollow are prepared to meet your music and entertainment needs.