jim black
Jim did not put the “Black” in Black Dog Hollow, but at 6-foot-5, he did significantly increase the band’s average height. He’s also BDH’s unofficial publicist, agent of sarcasm, and music director, drawing up the song lists for each show and helping to keep the music flowing.

Jim tickles the ivories on keyboard-heavy BDH favorites such as Jump. He leads the way vocally and on keyboards on Golden Earring's Twilight Zone and Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic, and he comprises the BDH horn section on tunes such as Little Feat’s Let It Roll and Brick House, by the Commodores.

A fan of progressive rock, Jim’s favorite musical acts include Genesis, Yes, The Who, Rush, Transatlantic, Spock’s Beard and The Flower Kings. He’s been influenced musically by the likes of Pete Townsend, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney.

In addition to Black Dog Hollow, Jim performs regularly with the Straydogs acoustic act. He writes for and edits a men’s health publication and does other freelance writing, editing and graphic design work. He and his wife reside in Uniontown.

I love to experiment with notes, and I enjoy seeing
what I and this gifted group of
musicians can accomplish."