george preaux

George exemplifies what BDH is all about: playing for the love of rock ‘n roll and the thrill of a live audience. He’ll play anywhere, anytime. He’s a consummate optimist, always quick to laugh at the gibes tossed around by his bandmates and to throw in a few of his own. He’s even receptive to his title, “Designated Driver.”

A virtuoso on guitar, George dazzles audiences one moment with lightning-fast solos, his fingers dancing effortlessly along the fretboard. The next moment, he’s touching the crowd vocally with popular ballads like Boston’s Amanda and Babe, by Styx.

The native of Cecil, Pa., helped form BDH in May 2006. Before that, he rocked with Fair Warning, Shot:30, Mud Foot Brown, Exit 40, Bad Rooster, and Second Chance. He also plays in the Stray Dogs acoustic act.

He enjoys the sounds of Van Halen, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Eagles, Guns & Roses and Journey, and he counts Eddie Van Halen, Neil Schon, George Lynch, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Slash, Brian Setzer, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Reb Beech as his musical influences.

George resides in Houston, Pa, and has two sons.


"We are like a family that loves to entertain. No matter the situation or event, the guys in this band have a great time together."